An Inspiration to all

Lannette Johnston M.S., R.N.

A positive attitude is exactly what Diane Colpetzer has when she talks about her fight through breast cancer.  Although Diane has been fighting since 2007, she has not let it dampen her spirits.  She continues to be such an incredibly strong and inspirational woman.  When first diagnosed she went to a doctor that barely knew her name.  She felt scared and unsure of what was happening.  A few years into her diagnosis she had the great fortune of meeting Dr. David Arbutina from the Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute located in Tyrone.  It was then that she knew she would finally be more than just a number.

“I truly believe things would have been different with my journey if I would have had Dr. Arbutina from the start,” explains Diane.  Dr. Arbutina is quick to learn and understand his patient’s wants and needs.  As of today, Diane has been fighting cancer for 2,992 days.  Join her in her campaign to spread the word of this incredible institute by liking the Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute’s Facebook Page.  Her goal is to get as many likes for the page as days that she has been fighting.

Although Diane is still fighting, she is an inspiration to us all.   Diane is a huge advocate for mammograms.  “It’s not as painful to have a mammogram as going through some of things you have to go through if you don’t,” exclaims Diane!   Remember if you are 40 years or older, it is time to get a mammogram, it might just save your life.  To learn more about Diane’s story watch her video on the Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute website at