Diane’s Story

ColpetzerPretty in Pink: Diane Colpetzer poses in her ‘pink out’ outfit during the Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute’s Annual Pink Out event. This event raises breast cancer awareness, and supports the Breast Cancer Voucher Program.

  While battling breast cancer, women want to go somewhere that is comfortable to them. That is exactly what Diane Colpetzer decided to do when she felt like she was not getting the treatment that she needed. When Diane moved to Central Pennsylvania five years ago, and met Dr. David Arbutina, Medical Director of The Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute of Central Pennsylvania, and his staff, she wished she had moved here sooner.

  “I had to find a doctor when I first moved up here,” Colpetzer said. “After asking and looking around, I heard only good things about Dr. Arbutina.” Colpetzer’s first encounter with Dr. Arbutina told her right away that he was the perfect doctor for her. Once she saw how caring Dr. Arbutina was, she knew he was the right choice. He then took her as a patient, and they have been battling her breast cancer ever since.

  “I could tell he wouldn’t treat me like just a number, and he didn’t. He knows all of his patients by name, and is very one-on-one with every patient,” said Colpetzer. Not only did Dr. Arbutina treat her well, so did every one of the staff at The Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute. The nurse navigator was with Colpetzer the minute she went into surgery and the minute she came out, which made her feel incredibly relaxed and not as nervous for surgery. The staff welcomed her with open arms, and always had smiles on their faces. 

  “Everyone would talk to me, and put me at ease. He [Dr. Arbutina] would speak to me in terms that I could understand. He would explain exactly what he was going to do, and how he was going to do it,” said Colpetzer.

  Having this support and understanding is what Colpetzer believes women need while battling breast cancer. “The team at The Breast Cancer Institute went above and beyond what they needed to do to help me with anything and everything,” said Colpetzer. They were unbelievable.”

  Colpetzer is not afraid to recommend the institute to other women battling breast cancer. She recently had her mother-in-law begin seeing Dr. Arbutina for treatment as well. “He is very open to meeting new patients,” said Colpetzer. “He studies and gets to know each and every one of our illnesses.”

  While Colpetzer continues to battle breast cancer, she wants to remind women to not give up. Cancer runs in her family, so she knows what it’s like to have the support that you need. “Surround yourself with as much support as possible,” advises Colpetzer. “Don’t give up, keep fighting!”