How To Deal With Stress

The holiday season should be a time of love, cheer, and joy. Personally speaking, I find myself becoming stressed out. Planning holiday parties, cleaning the house, and trying to find the perfect gift for a long list of family and friends can be exhausting. Most of the times, I actually look forward to the end of the holidays. This year I decided to try the following tips to help manage my stress:
• Explore the true meaning of the holidays.
• Take time for yourself.
• Get organized. Make a list and prioritize.
• Delegate chores to other family members.
• Since money can be major contributor to stress try the following; buying only what you need, limit eating out, shopping for bargains, and making handmade gifts (they are more personal).
• Be aware of your own state of health. If you think you are feeling down or stressed, then do something about it. It’s okay to seek out professional help!
• When making time for your family and friends, enjoy movie and game nights at home.
• Incorporate a healthy nutritional diet and exercise into your life. Exercise increases neurotransmitters in our brain that produce euphoric effects on the body!
• Have fun and enjoy the moment!
At the BCWHI, we recognize how important it is to help others in achieving an optimal state of health.

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