Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year millions of people attempt their “New Year’s Resolution.” A New Year’s Resolution is a symbolic tradition that people do to improve their health; out with the old and in with the new that dates back to our early ancestors. Unfortunately, the percentage of people who achieve success with their New Year’s Resolutions is very slim, only 8% succeed. At the Breast Cancer and Women’s Health Institute, it is our goal to help you to succeed. We believe that it is important to live and maintain an optimal state of health. To help you with achieving your resolutions, we have identified some helpful tips:
• Determine what resolution would most benefit your health. This is a great time to stop a bad habit that can be harmful to your health. Tobacco cessation is a good example of a resolution that could improve your overall health.
• Set realistic goals that you know you can achieve!
• Believe in yourself.
• Track your success on the calendar.
• Never give up, if you hit a road block, start over.
• Establish a strong support system (friends, spouse, and family).
• Surround yourself by positive people who can help you reach your goals.
• Avoid negative people, they will deter you.
Being successful with New Year Resolutions requires a lot of hard work, support, dedication, confidence, and endurance, but it can happen! Remember you can do this! We wish you the best of luck and happiness for the New Year!