I have been physically active and involved in sports all of my life. Do incidents such as accidentally getting hit in the breast with a basketball or tennis ball or the natural bumps or knocks to the breast during sports and other physical activity affect a woman’s risk of breast cancer?

There is no association between trauma and breast cancer.  Bruises do not change into cancer.  That being said, however, sometimes a trauma may bring your attention to a lump that is already in the breast.  If a lump persists after a trauma it should be checked.  One strange occurrence in my practice happened years ago when a patient came in complaining that she had a lump because a horse had bitten her on the breast.  In her case the horse may have saved her life because it bit her on her breast cancer which was then treated.

Dr. Arbutina


There is no evidence that injury to the breasts increases the risk of breast cancer.  Injury can change the appearance of the breast on a mammogram, which can lead to additional testing.

Dr. Biggs